Financial Planning

We have provided financial planning services since the inception of our business 35 years ago. This means we have lived through many cycles and have a great appreciation of the complexities of the many aspects of the financial system.

Bell Partnership FP is a holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence and we have a highly experienced team to support the services we offer.

A good financial plan comprises four parts:

  • Your lifestyle goals - help in identifying what they are, when you want them and how are you positioned financially to achieve them.
  • What are the threats to achieving your goal’s. This will often be about a change in your health or the health of someone close to you. Can you identify the threats and can you insure against the financial impact of that kind of event.
  • In the event that you die have you left clear, written instructions about how you want your assets distributed – by whom, to who and at what time. A Will is a very important document and for most people their thoughts on what should happen to their assets are complex. If you have children in your care their guardianship to adulthood is important. A Will should be legally valid and clear in it’s instruction.
  • If you lose capacity have you assigned authority to someone to look after your financial affairs and to make medical decisions on your behalf. Both of these documents are equally important as a Will and again they need be legally valid and the need to be clear in their instruction

Should you wish to access our financial planning services we will meet with you, discuss all of the four elements above and prepare a written strategy for you that will provide a summary of the issues discussed and present a recommendation for actions to be taken. We can also provide limited advice on one or more of the four elements and will confirm the scope of the advice you seek before meeting with you.

Please call our office to make an appointment and be prepared to invest two hours plus some time collating and providing relevant information. We charge a fee for this initial consultation and advice which will be discussed with you when you call to arrange an appointment.